Limit an amount of three emails sent per day to one recipient



Hello guys.

I need to limit an amount of three emails sent per day to one recipient, considering the address I use to send the email. Anyone have any tips on how I can do this on the platform?

Once again, thank the support!

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



Hello andrer,

In Campaign, if you want to limit a certain amount of emails sent per day, you should use the Campaign optimization module. That permit you to create some "Typology Rules" type "Pressure" and you can define 3 as constant per recipient, and do it on every delivery.

After this rule created, just add this rule in your typology that you are using for your emails and you will have this limit.

You can follow the number of recipient excluded in the delivery logs.

You'll find it in the Typologies Management.