Is there technical documentation on the differences of Standard vs Classic?



I am a certified Adobe Campaign Classic Business Practitioner. I am trying to learn the differences between ACC & ACS. 


There are a lot of differences along with similarities. Even the vocabulary seems to differ (ie profiles vs recipients). 

Is there an Adobe SME that knows the 2 tools and can point out the key differences between the 2? I am hoping to find some standard documentation that will help those who know ACC & are wanting to know ACS to be able to draw the connections between the two tools.


Looking forward to a response.



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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Sofia, 

Here are some general differences between ACS and ACC:


Adobe Campaign Standard(ACS):

A fully web-based application hosted in the cloud. This works best for organizations without the resources or need to run the application on-premise.

Is designed with the marketer in mind with relatively straightforward requirements. This means that the level of customization allowed will not be as broad as ACC.

Accessible on any browser or device(Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, iOS, Android,etc).

ACS hosts the standard essentials such as a drag and drop interface, dynamic reporting and content builder. That said, features like complex data management functionality are reserved for Campaign Classic.

Typically ACS is better suited for smaller businesses that want to create and deliver powerful marketing campaigns but don't necessarily need every possible feature.

Adobe Campaign Classic (ACC):

Can be hosted, hybrid or fully on-premise SaaS solution.
ACC allows for greater customizations and with more features. If your data management requirements are more complex, Adobe Campaign Classic is the better option.
Ideal for larger enterprises and franchises. Classic is best-suited to organizations with extensive and wide-ranging automation and delivery needs.


To go into individual details I'd recommend reviewing the documentation below.  Specifically the Feature Videos as they go into the specific functions of each application.




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