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Is there anyway to manage unsubscriptions separate to the recipients folder?


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We're looking to create a subscription service separate to the recipients folder. So that the email addresses we target are just members of the service and do not exist in any recipients folders.

Can we subscribe people to a service separate to the recipient folder?

How can we manage the unsubscriptions of email addresses that aren't in the recipients folder?

Is there a way to create an unsubscription link without looking at the recipient table that still logs an unsubscription?



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Hi Andy,

Can you tell me which version you are using now classic or standard?

Yes, it is possible, you can create a new recipient folder for this subscription type, specify this folder while creating subscription service.

If you are using v6 or v7, then you specify this folder in subscription and unsubscription workflow.

Read this to learn about how to create subscription service and use a workflow. Information Services.




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Thanks Amit, i will take a look and come back with any further questions