Is there a reason why certain email creatives won't proof?



Hi all,

I am attempting to proof an email delivery, the delivery is calculated and confirmed within the 'Send a proof' box that appears, however, no proof is received to my inbox. (Business or personal addresses).

I can receive proofs from other deliveries, from different workflows.

There is no obvious error message appearing on why the proof is not being delivered to the inbox, there are no HTML creative errors either.

Is there a common reason within campaign on why proofs may not be being sent?



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Have you checked the delivery logs of the proof? If you navigate to the execution folder of where the delivery logs are saved for the delivery in question, in the dashboard view click on the edit tab. From here you will be able to access the Delivery tab where you can see the logs and exclusions. If you click the Audit tab you will be able to see the log of the audit trail of the delivery, the causes of exclusions (if a typology rule is excluding anyone), and the proofs tab. Click on the proofs tab and double click on the proof that was attempted to send. From here you will again be able to see the Audit trail and causes of exclusions for proofs and this may inform you why the proof has not been sent.

Hope this helps,





Having the same issues with sending a proof on a email campaign. I have also tried recreating a separate workflow to no luck.

Any answers as to why this is happening?