Is it possible to generate Custom Sequence in Adobe Campaign Standard?



Hi Everyone,

We have a scenario where we need to create custom sequence of dummy IDs(Numeric) and update them in a custom resource every time a new record is inserted in ACS.

IDs should be in certain sequence(With or Without Limit).

In Campaign V7 we have an attribute named pksequence where we can assign sequence ID to this attribute and system will automatically generate sequential IDs.

Is there any way or approach in which we can create Numeric Sequence in Adobe Campaign Standard as well?

I tried to use acsid field and was unsuccessful as it creates Alpha Numeric Keys and we  need Numeric Keys.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi Krishna,

I am unaware of such a possibility with ACS. Besides the ACS ID option that you mention, which allows to create unique IDs, I'm not sure that there is another option for this in case that first option does not match your requirements.

Still, I'd advise checking with our support team in case they have already dealt with this kind of request. Maybe Vipul Raghav​ would have an idea?