is it possible to access the variables in to the content of the email delivery



I am posting an event to a workflow which contains external signal activity.That event contains a variable.

xtk.workflow.PostEvent (




<variables email={temp}/>,



Now I want to access this "temp" variable into the email content (delivery).

Is there any way to do this.

Any help will be appreciable.

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Anand,

  Yes it is, but you have to move them into the target data first, in the Query or in an Enrichment by adding a column.

So if you have defined an event variable :

vars.greeting = "Hello!"

You can add a column to the temp worktable in an Enrichment (or Query) like this:


You can use the Insert menu (Target extension > Other) in the Delivery editor to generate the correct syntax:

<%= targetData.greeting %>

Note that you are adding this value to every Recipient in the target. You could use logic in the Expression or branches in the workflow to give some Recipients a different value than others.

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