Is it ok to delete erroneous deliveries?



Hi everyone,

I have some email deliveries in the message center that are shown in status "erroneous" and some of them try sending daily, even though the messages should not be send anymore. Is it ok to just delete those deliveries? Or may the deletion have a bad impact on the cleanliness of our instance?

Thanks for your answer!


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Hi Lena,

Message Center deliveries are Continuous deliveries. As soon as you get a new event related to that delivery, the email delivery status will get set to InProgress followed by Finished or Retry Pending.

Before deciding on deletion, we should help identify why it is failing. Definitely there is something wrong on yoru template.

If you fix that, this problem will go away.

Can you please point out the error that causes the delivery to fail?

If you still wish to get rid of problematic delivery, right click on its record in List View and hit Stop.



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Hi Vipul,

the background why we want to delete the messages is that we had a spam attack with lots of spam profiles coming into Campaign via a landing page form.

Reasons for failing to send the transactional message were mainly that the email addresses did not exist, users did not exist or emails bounced. Please find in the following a screenshot of the sending logs of the transactional message:


Exlucsion causes were for all messages: "Quarantined address (Quarantine)"

So what I did was to select the erroneous messages in the message center execution overview and clicked "delete element", as shown in the next screenshot:


We unpublished the transactional message meanwhile.

Was that proceeded ok from your side or should I ask for some database cleanup?

Thanks again,