Intersection between query and load file activities




I'm facing an issue trying to configure the intersection activity.

Basically, I got a query extracting all the recipient in the DB and a data load file activity, with a csv with a list on ids. I need to intersect them to know how many recipient from the file actually exist in the recipient data model.

My issue rise whenever I try to configure the Intersection activity: it seems that any configuration works: I've tried to switch the Primary set (from query to data load) and I've set as reconciliation key a selection of column, setting first the recipient ID and then the ID field from the file.

Nothing works. Any idea?


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




HI maurizioc92956636 ,

There is a better way to do this

Your current design is resource exhaustive as it will unnecessarily pull all recipients from database and then tries to reconcile the data from file.

Using this new design you need to only work on data in your file.

So for explanation purposes, I have used a file with three columns and I'll be using email as the column for reconciliation.1528773_pastedImage_3.png

Connect the file loading activity to Enrichment activity.


On the enrichment activity, go to Reconciliation tab and enable the option "identify the document from working data".

Select the targeting dimension as "Recipient" and then define the reconciliation keys as well. In my keys it was the email column


Hit Ok and Save the workflow.

This will output only those records from file which had a matching recipient inside database.