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Hi All, I am trying to configure offer catalog for PoC work and I am struck with security zone setting for interaction module in Adobe campaign - Azure sandbox. When I try to subject an offer content & rules for approval, I get below error in web.log

I tried to update ServerConf.xml with below entry but no luck

<url IPMask="<MY VPN CIDR Block>" deny="false" hostMask="" httpAllowed="true" relayHost="true" relayPath="true"
           status="normal" targetUrl="http://localhost:8080" timeout="" urlPath="/interaction/*"/>

Error snippet: 2018-07-25 11:36:30.309Z    00009B46    00009B85      1    error    log    XSV-350013 The '' IP address via which you are accessing the server does not match the security zone of the 'interaction' login. Connection refused. (iRc=-70)

Any help here is much appreciated!

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



The issue is resolved by following these steps and thanks to Vipul.

1. Go to Administration > Access management > Operators.

2. Search for operator interaction.

3. Go to the Edit tab.

4. Open the Access rights side panel within it.

5. Click on Edit the access parameters.

6. Under the section List of trusted IP masks see if you have the entry If not please add it and save the settings.

7 Logout from campaign console, log back in and test again.

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