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Hi There.

Im looking for info on how to integrate Adobe Campaign to multiple Adobe Analytics report suites using connectors? And can it be done in Campaign Classic or Campaign Standard ?

for instance sample setup:

MarketAdobe Analytics Report suiteAdobe Campaign
Germanyabcgermanysend only Germany email campaign data to abcgermany Analytics report suite
Franceabcfrancesend only France email campaign data to abcfrance Analytics report suite
UKabcuksend only UK email campaign data to abcukAnalytics report suite

trying to figure out if need global suite reporting and send all email data to global suite, or if can do individual integrations for each market report suite in Analytics?

Wondering if setting up External accounts for each report suite and then making sure Email deliveries are mapped to individual market external accounts is the trick here.

Any info guidance would be helpful


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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Fred,

Yes it can be done. You can configure multiple report suites to receive the data from Adobe Campaign. You need to setup multiple integrations with different report suites in Analytics for that and multiple external accounts in Adobe Campaign with proper configuration to send data to each of those report suites.

Here is the doc with the details of the integration. While configuring the integration , you need to choose the report suite in one step in Analytics.