Integration external account: AEM publish instance



Currently we have followed the documentation on Integrating with Adobe Campaign 6.1 .

And the documentation stated that the campaign should be configured with the author instance. (Topic "Configuring an AEM external account")

But is it possible to connect Campaign to the Publish instance?

It is possible for me to list all the email, but it isn't able to synchronize the content.


<url dnsSuffix="" urlRegEx="\.json"/>

<url dnsSuffix="" urlRegEx="*"/>

<url dnsSuffix="" urlRegEx="*"/>

Error states:

BAS-010042 Value: '4503https' is not a valid integer (32 bit)

URL-140004 the port defined by the string '' of '4503https' has no valid format.

JST-310026 the URL to which the script is trying to access is not part of the authorized addresses in urlPermission (serverconf.xml)


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



Talked with an adobe consultant, and adobe campaign should integrate with an author instance.

It will not work when trying to connect it to the publish instance.

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Answers (2)



Hi Bert,

I do not know this error. At first sight it seems to me that the regexp of the serverConf file is not properly recognized and ends up trying to resolve an unvalid address.

I'd advise double checking it and if no result, try having it checked by our support team.