Inserting information into a worktable



I have a workflow that takes a group of recipients and spilts them into subsets, emails those recipients, and saves the temporary table with a ListUpdate so that we can associate the results of the tracking with individual segment codes. However, I need to save additional information during the workflow.

Specifically I need to associate more data per segment code that is not consistent between sends, (external_system_ids, specific variation codes, and a pre-personalized subject line). Is there any simple way to enrich the temporary table by INSERTING data directly into it from some bit of code provided from within the workflow?

After the Split, I would prefer to be able to turn this temporary worktable schema:

into this:

I would like to refrain from requiring some pre-created external table, since if that was required it would need to be recreated before every new campaign. Best case scenario would be something that could be saved into a specific templated workflow and then adjusted at a few points for the specific campaign.

TDRL: Is it possible to insert campaign specific information directly into a temporary worktable from the workflow?