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Good morning,

We’d need to insert in the tracked url of emails some dynamic parameters like the purchase brand or country of purchase.

We manage without problems to insert the fields of the profiles table (for example the Customer Code), but we’d need to insert further parameters that are present in secondary custom resources.

Into the list of personalized fields, we can just see the fields of the profiles table, but not the secondary custom resources, that we need.

Has anyone already solved this problem?

Are there any alternatives to enter these parameters in the tracked url?

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Accepted Solutions (1)





It is possible to add parameters/attributes from a custom resource that is linked or joined to profile to the URL in your email.

To achieve this you must use a workflow to enrich your 'temporary data table'.  This means adding the necessary attributes from the other tables and making them available in the workflow.  Then in your email delivery you can use the Add Personalization component and select the attribute directly from the targetData.

You will notice that these data points will be stored under the Additional Data link.

Additional Target Data for URL Personalization.png


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