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What happens if you put a wait activity after incremental query? If the incremental query fetches data every day, and the wait activity is set to wait a week, will the wait activity pile up all the data fetched during a week and release it all at the same time? Or will it release one set of data every day after that specific data has waited for a week?

Is it recommeded to use WAIT for only shorter wait times (hours for example) or can I use it for several days or weeks aswell?

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Hi Susanna,

Can you say what you are trying to accomplish with such a configuration? I don't see any advantage to this approach over just running the Incremental query once a week. You can actually set up your own workflow to test what happens in this case, but I don't think what you are suggesting would be the recommended approach, unless you are planning some other treatment for the records in the workflow prior to the Wait activity. In that case, I might suggest creating two separate workflows.