Include images from Assets of AMC in Target Redirect Offers(To be used in Campaign delivery )



Hi ,

I am working on target and campaign integration. I have successfully sent a delivery based on fetching dynamic images  served by target( depending on segmentation rules). It is working fine when I am using absolute urls of images on web .

When I am creating redirect offers in Target while configuring rawbox. I have to provide url of image in the offer. I want to know what will be the url of the images that I have uploaded in Assets (if I want to use images from assets in target offers, then to adobe campaign Email delivery,what are steps for that).

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hello Senthil,

Have you seen this page about integrating Marketing Cloud assets in Campaign?

Also, it is mentioned in this page that you can add a shared Asset when configuring a target image.

To know how to integrate assets directly in Target redirect offers (i.e. in Target interface), I found this page that describes connection between Assets and Target libraries.

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