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I am new to Adobe Campaign, doing one POC on below. Can we import profiles in Adobe Campaign from an external resource like Gigya?

What I have understood so far that-

  1. New Import Template will be created.
  2. In the workflow, below components will be used-
    • Scheduler - to run the workflow at a scheduled time.
    • Transfer File - to look for a flat file in some external folder and download it in Adobe Campaign.
    • Deduplication - to remove/ignore the duplicated records.
    • Insert/Update Data - to import the profiles in the campaign.

Please suggest, is there any other way to import profiles from an external folder? Or am I doing it in the right way?

Your response will be appreciated.



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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi Dishant,

Importing from any external source (whether it is Gigya or something else) relies on the assumption that you make the data available in a format Adobe Campaign Standard (ACS) can digest. Most likely this will in the format of a CSV file.

Being that the case the import of data info ACS usually involves the following steps in a workflow:

- Transfer file activity: to fetch the CSV file from an HTTPS, SFTP or Amazon S3 location;

- Load file activity: to detect the file structure and define the type of column data defined in the CSV;

- Update data activity: to update data in Adobe Campaign; here you can specify which dimension you want to update (e.g. profiles or some custom resource) and how you want the updates to be handled (e.g. using reconciliation criteria, etc.).

You can reconcile data as well as an individual step before updating the data.

You can find detailed information and an example workflow at Adobe Campaign Help | Importing data



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