Import of a data, which ist based on a external table, which is already accessible by FDA, into an custom table of Adobe Campaign by workflow.




I have alreday done a FDA connection to a external database. This works fine.

Now I have created  a data schema based on this FDA connection, which contains the data of the recipients.

My job now ist, to create a worflow, which imports the recipients data of the external database to the customized recipients data schema.

If have checked, that I have only the possibility to import data from a file into Adobe Campaing, but not directly from one data schema to the another data schema of Adobe Campaign.

It this correct ?

Thanks in advance.

Tristan Roppel

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Hi Tristan,

You can use the query activity. When defining filtering condition select targeting and filtering dimension to be you FDA schema.

Define a filtering query like primary key > 0 to fetch all records in one go.

Connect this query activity to an Update data activity

Hope this helps.