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kind of at a stand still at  the moment, that's holding my progress back, I'm undecided on a CRM to use for my various campaign managements softwares for automation from marketing campaigns utilizing Facebook data and media content, and Google analytics/ media etc. Undecided at the moment between using  Thrive Themes or Adobe cloud services, Or MS 365..please help ASAP. I plan on finishing up my website build within the next 48 hours, so I'm going to be ready to start gathering, compiling, and distributing data &  digital content for my clients marketing services. It's only me as of now, but I do plan to hire VAs when its needed.

Thank You.

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi Matthew,

To me, the 3 sets of solutions you mention are more completing each other rather than achieving the exact same goal.

For example, Adobe Campaign is a marketing automation tool that is often used along with third party CRM tools, such as MS Dynamics 365 (there's even ways to integrate Campaign and Dynamics 365 for example).

Adobe Solutions are specialized in marketing and work well together (Campaign to send email/push/sms... messages, Analytics to track your website performance, Social to interact with your social media channels, and so on).

So I guess what's to consider here is what are the use cases you want to serve, is a simple CRM enough for these, or do you need to set up a bigger infrastructure to support your current and future needs in terms of marketing automation.

Hope this clarifies a bit,


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