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Hello All,

I am working on workflows in Adobe Campaign Standard. I have created a workflow to send mails to the people by sending them a form through email and I am trying to find out how many persons have filled out the form and by using that I have to stop sending mails to those who submitted the form.

can anyone please tell me which rules we have to use in the query or segmentation to track the persons who have submitted the form.

hoping for an immediate response



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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Harish,

First of all, I recommend doing the scenario using 2 different workflows: one for delivery sending to your recipients, providing the form URL; another one for dealing with the results analysis/treatment of consecutives actions or communications. It is because the form filling can be done "long time" after the delivery messages sent/received by the contacts, let say, 3 days after the delivery contact date, and it is a bad idea to use Wait activity in workflows for "long time" (ok for some minutes or even some hours but not too long). See documentation on this important matter (performance, cleanup process for cleansing workflows and delivery temporary work tables, etc).

Then, when you write, "sending a form through email", I guess you mean sending to the delivery recipients the URL of an ACS Landing Page, don't you?

Or do your forms achieved by other means (such as forms managed by AEM, or even by AC standard version or anything else) ?

In the case the form is made with ACS Landing Pages, please read that documentation for either linking a form to a service subscription (in that case you can know who registered through the form thanks to service subscription data), or if not linked to a service, but if you send them automatic confirmation email) :

(or even double optin, far better:

Setting up a double opt-in process)

To summarize, the Landing Page responses are managed in your 2nd workflow, through queries on either solution below, depending on your use case:

  • your Profiles data filled (if you used the default Profile target mapping, and possibly with additional data that you can define in the triggered actions setting; or your custom schema mapping, the same way)
  • by using the broadlogs of the rtEvent confirmation mail sent
  • by the specific service subscripted

In Adobe Campaign standard (v6/v7) there are specific form list for displaying webApp (or microsites) results, especially useful with Survey module; and in workflows, queries can be done on the dedicated webAppLogRcp schemas data to manage specific scenarios.
But I am afraid you can't accede to such information in ACS.

If someone could confirm the latter, or explain other possibilities, I would be glad.

Hope this helps.

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I completely agree with the details shared by J-Serge. We do not have a web tracking module in ACS as we request customers to make use of Adobe Analytics for this purpose.

So in case you have your ACS integrated with Adobe Analytics, you can make use of it to track the actions performed by a visitor on the landing page.

This data will then flow into the ACS instance using triggers and you can then perform additional tasks based on it.