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How would you track URLs that are not included in deliveries?  but rather on a website.

So I am producing an export of data to be uploaded on a page and each one has a link, so I want to track this link. I thought maybe I can create a web tag and do something with the recipient ID in the workflow that is generating the extract.



workflow JS


02/02/2018 17:18:27 js

Upon clicking on this link, isnt it supposed to redirect to my tag url and track the click? also where are the tracking logs stored for this? (nmswebtrackinglog, nmswebtrackinglogeventhisto?)

Anyone has an idea of doing this as it isn't working for me.

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi David,

I missed one small thing in my last answer you have to send this dummy delivery to a profile(create a recipient for tracking) and use that broadlog id for all tracking so it will give u an iBroadLogId.

these type of link only works when you have a broadlogId associated with them.



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Answers (4)




Hi David,

I appreciate you going all out on this tracking feature.

Technically this seems feasible but Adobe advises against this approach as this will put significant pressure on your marketing servers.

You have following options:

Option 1:

You should use Adobe analytics or any other analytics for this purpose and enable a connection between Adobe analytics and campaign to get this data.

Option 2:

You, please enable web tracking and use that feature for tracking the URLs:

Step 1: read these links

Step 2: decide the right web tracking mode for your use case.

Step 3: raise a ticket for the hosted environment to enable the web tracking for your chosen web tracking mode.

Step 4: use DTM or any other tag manager service to drop following on your web pages:

<script type="text/javascript">

var _f = "nmsWebTracking"

var _t = window.location.href.match(/.*:\/\/[^\/]*(\/[^\?\#\&]*)/)[1] + "|w|" + _f

document.write("<img height='0' width='0' alt='' src='" +

window.location.protocol + "//tsupport/r/" +

Math.random().toString() + "?tagid=" + escape(_t) + "'/>")


step 5: check your webtracking table for the same.

Option 3:

You can use tracking log just like your approach, but this info will be available in your trakinglogRCP

  • Create a dummy delivery (the delivery mapping must be identical to the mapping of the target schema),
  • Enter the internal name of this delivery in the NmsTracking_WebTrackingDelivery option.
  • Create a new entry in nms:trackingUrlInfo for every URL you have in your list  target URLs

use this format:,71ffa3,71ffa8&p1=testParamData


"h" means HTML content (or "t" for text content).

xxxxx is the message ID / broadLog ID (hexadecimal).

71ffa3 is the NmsDelivery ID (hexadecimal).

71ffa8 is the NmsTrackingUrl ID (hexadecimal).

p1, p2, and so on, are all the parameters to substitute in the URL.

All site tracking information not directly subsequent to a click in the other e-mail can be viewed in the dummy delivery created.






Thanks Amit,

Web tracking is working fine, however, the feature that I was mainly looking for was redirection just like when an email click is opened, and this will only work if there is a iBroadLogId generated and in my case this will not be generated as I am not executing a delivery, hence this value is 0.


iDeliveryId = 110D8B53

iUrlId = 110D7CE9

iBroadLogId = 0

hence,110D8B53,110D7CE9 (will not work)


The only way I came up to perform redirection was to do it manually on my front end page, i.e. upon clicking a link/button, call neolane asynchronously to register the tracking access then redirect the user to the destination manually.




var url = "" //**URL to be redirected after requesting below redirection link.**//


        $.ajax({url: "", success: function(result){

   , '_self')





This is a bit of a workaround which I do not particularly like.

Amit_Kumar​ Can links only be tracked if there is an delivery executed?




After some fiddling, I was able to gather some sort of tracking data through the [NmsTrackingLogRcp] table, I dynamically generated the link and passed through an identifier referenced in the recipient table and was able to match tracking recipients, however, no webtrackinglogs generated yet.


However, the functionality that I am looking for is to be able to access the link and be redirected to the source URL and this isn't working, the tracking pixel is loaded and thats it, a static page is displayed, im I missing something?