How to submit Adobe Campaign form to external URL



I have a web application in Adobe Campaign 6.1 that has a form with fields such as name, email, phone. Depending on the source link, this form is pre-populated with data from the recipient table.

When the user click submit, how do I submit this form to an external page that is not part of the Adobe Campaign web application page sequence?

Thanks for the help in advance.


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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hello Vivek,

I think that Adobe Campaign does not natively handle ways to submit form data cross-domains, but I guess you can configure the form so that it goes to the external URL. 

By modifying the HTML code of the form action you could maybe do something like this.

Hope this helps,


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Answers (2)




As Florent mentioned You can't use inbuilt form capability to post data third part systems.  To solve this problem we have two solutions:

1. Host your form in website/third party system and use AC api to pre polutale the data in the form then you can specifiy ant post action in JS to that page which will behave like a normal HTML form.

2. In adobe campaign use a JS script as next action to the form and In JS activity you will have accsses to all in context data from the from then to write a code to make a HTTP post request to your targeted system.