How to set up image formats supported by AC



Hi everyone,

We have an html to integrate in Adobe Campaign. That one has an SVG format type image. Because of that we got an error in uploading images. We think there is a filter that hinder the uploading of that kind of images. Do you know how to set up authorized formats?


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Accepted Solutions (1)



on ACC ( Adobe Campaign Classic),

An attribute uploadWhiteList lets you restrict the file types available for upload on the Adobe Campaign server.

This attribute is available within the dataStore element of the serverConf.xml file.

To limit the possible formats, you must replace the attribute value by a valid java regular expression. You can enter several values by separating them by a comma.

For example: uploadWhiteList=".*\.png,.*\.jpg" will let you upload PNG and JPG formats on the server. No other formats will be accepted.