How to send a proof to a custom schema?



Hi All,

I have created a new custom schema to store data and send emails. It is a different audience than our Recipients database so they cannot be mixed.

How can I send proofs to check the dynamic content is ok and to check that the images and texts are rendered ok?

I can only see lists, recipients and seeds and all are related to the Recipients schema.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi RaulOcana

You can send Deliveries and Proofs to records/recipients of a Custom Schema by creating a Target Mapping under Administration -> Campaign Management -> Target mappings.

Once the Target Mapping has been created, you could define filter conditions to target specific recipients for Delivery as well as Proof.

The 'Definition of a specific proof target' will allow you to define filter conditions and select the desired recipients from your Target Mapping.