How to safely remove Target Mapping schemas?



Hi Community Members,

Lately I was working on non-standard recipient table (External recipient table) and Target Mapping for it in our dev environment. I finished my work and I want to remove all components: form, folders and schemas.

Unfortunately, I know that removing Tracking logs (My_custom_schema_name) schema from set of Target Mapping schemas (this set contains also dedicated Delivery Logs and Exclusion Logs schemas) will raise error in one of default technical workflow - in Tracking workflow. It will return error like this:

The file '/usr/local/(...)/schema/trackingLog_MySuffix.xml' does not exist on the server. Unable to load the document of identifier 'cus:trackingLog_MySuffix' and type 'xtk:schema'.

Do you know how to safely remove all 4 schemas (main describing external recipient table and 3 Target Mapping-related)? I want to be sure that Tracking technical workflow won't search for trackingLog_MySuffix.xml.

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi Marcin,

Creating a new target mapping is like modifying the database, as it creates new tables that are interconnected with each other. Hence this is not recommended to do so. This is like removing a package, which is not possible in Adobe Campaign for data base integrity reasons.

What we usually recommend if that is absolutely necessary to remove it is to create a fresh instance.

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