How to read a flat file and extract a flat file using Adobe campaign tool



Hi ,

I am new to Adobe and was googling to learn more about this tool but was not successful so reaching out to community.

I have a requirement for my client where in we have to load ~30 different inbound flat files to Adobe and extract 10 different outbound flat files using Neolane Adobe campaign tool.

Can you please guide me on how to achieve this.



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Hi Bhaskar,

  We teach an Administration training course that includes a lesson on uploading files. The general approach is to:

FTP files to/from the application server.

Use a File collector to monitor the directory containing the files.

Use a Data loading (file) activity to read the file and format/map data values as needed. For more complex data transformations, use an Enrichment activity.

You can also use the Enrichment to reconcile and pull in a targeting dimension if the file refers to records that already exist in Adobe Campaign.

Deduplicate as necessary.

Data update activity is used to insert/update records.

For the reverse process, use a Query to pull the data of interest and use a Data extraction (file) activity to write it to a file on the server.

Again you will need to rely on FTP to transfer the file.





All of the above takes place inside of a technical workflow - which is nothing more than a workflow outside of a Campaign.

Once you have it working, you can schedule execution in the workflow itself or post an event to the workflow (Using a External signal activity to receive the event) to initiate processing.