How to launch from external file's email column



I have linked an external file from which to launch an email campaign to the recipient table via primary key and created a list from it. However, I need to use the file's email column and not the emails from the recipient table. How/where can I define this (launch from file in email delivery doesn't let me specify the email column).

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Hope that will help you.

Selecting external recipients

You can launch a delivery on recipients who are not saved in the database, but stored in an external file. For example, we will send here a delivery to recipients imported from a text file.

To do this:

  1. Click the To link to select the recipients of your delivery.
  2. Select the Defined in an external file option.
  3. By default, recipients are imported in the database. You must select the Target mapping . For more on target mappings, refer to Selecting a target mappingYou can also choose Do not import the recipients into the database .
  4. When importing the recipients, click the File format definition... link to select and configure the external file.For more information on data import, refer to this section .
  5. Click Finish and configure your delivery as a standard delivery.

When defining the content of the message for email delivery, do not include the link to the mirror page; it cannot be generated in this delivery mode.

Find more info here : Key steps when creating a delivery



Hi Vipul,

Yes I am looking to do this in Adobe Campaign Standard. While I was in one of the Adobe demos they mentioned that ACS now supports direct send to a file using the data updated in temp tables. I have followed multiple approaches in terms of updating the audience and then target, directly referencing file with the delivery component but nothing works.

I want to send an email to the customers in the file loaded in the system without saving the data in the database in the standard version.





Hey Vipul,

I have the same question and following the steps mentioned in this thread. In the Delivery Template I have mentioned target mapping as External File Target Mapping List. My workflow seems to run fine but delivery is still in the pending state.

Are there any specific configurations I have to do. Also you mentioned above to specify the email column from file --- how to do it and where in ACS ?






You will have to make use of External File target mapping and specify the email column from file as the email sending column in it.