How to Join Tables together in a workflow Query?



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This is where the information I require currently resides:

savedDataList (from a ListUpdate Action)

has many columns, one of which is the DeliveryID


has the tracking data for opens and clicks


has the the timestamp related to delivered at

The next step I need to take is within a Workflow, I must be able to add a Query that can target the Deliveries for those sent within the last 7 days. With this in hand, I need to do an inner join on this data to my savedDataList to collect the columns for each send that has been logged here. I then need to join my data list with the trackingLogRcp to also get the open/click information. Once all of this has been gathered, I need to save these columns into a file so that they can be exported into another system.

I would like some assistance in constructing this query. I cannot seem to join two tables together, (or determine where in the UI I would even select the table to be joined) however I am under the impression it is doable.

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