How to implement a "distributed marketing" solution with ACS ?



Hello everyone,

I am looking for any feedback or suggestions on how we could set up a "distributed" solution using ACS without letting local users access ACS itself (campaigns, audiences, workflows,...)

My idea would be to :

- create a landing page with some attributes to let a local user select a "campaign template" (predefined list with maybe a visual of the email if possible)

- through this page, let the user select an audience (and ideally adjust some targeting criteria). Is that possible to display the number of customers eligible before the launch of the campaign

- notifiy the central user of the campaign demand

- the central user duplicate a campaign template using the ACS interface (worklflow,...) and run the campaign based on the filters defined by the local user

Any better ideas ?


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



In ACS you can manage that by defining the Organisation Hierarchy and create Organization units based on that hierarchy. Depending on the Organization units the user belong they will only see the templates audience, templates they have access. Hope this answers your question?