How to get option of "create a shared audience" to create a shared audience ?



I need to create a shared audience by importing an audience created in Adobe Audience Manager. For that I need  this option "create a shared audience" at :

Profiles & Targets > Lists > create new

For this I have already followed the Adobe documentation found at: Configuration

1) I have imported the standard packages :

Adobe Marketing Cloud Shared Audiences Integration and Integration with the Adobe Marketing Cloud

2) I have set up an external account also for Adobe Marketing Cloud.

3) Create AMC Data source also.

4) and cleared the local cache

Still i am not getting the option to create a shared audience. Please help!

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



We need IMS (Adobe Identity Management System) to connect to Adobe Client console using our Marketing Cloud Adobe ID. For this you should have updated version.

You need to check this option "Connect with an Adobe ID" and click on OK.


This will redirect to Sign in of Marketing Cloud in the console:

Enter your Adobe ID and password. The Adobe Campaign Home screen will then appear.


After successful login you will be able to get the "Create a shared audience" option in the Lists (under Profiles & Targets)


Please ask to Adobe support for upgrading the version and providing the access to login using Adobe ID.

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