How to export actual user rights per user?



I would like to create a workflow with a query that will give me an overview of the actual user rights per user including exceptions (of 170 users). I can't find a way to pull this data. Can someone help me with this?

In another forum I already received this answer but unfortunately I do not think this gives me the right information:

An operator can be directly connected to names rights or it will be part of an operator group which is then linked to a named right.

1.Use a query activity to get all named rights.
2.Perform a change dimension to obtain Operator Groups. In the change dimension activity select (All records).
3.Then again perform a change dimension to get operators from xtk:operator schema. Again select all records.
4.Repeat the above methodology to start from named rights and a direct change dimension to operator (all records).
5.Perform a Union on output from Step 3 and Step 4.

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Accepted Solutions (1)




An operator can not be directly connected to names rights. it has to be a part of an operator group which is then linked to a named right.

You are doing it partially correct but you need to get all the rights for all the folders because exceptions to the folder access are stored at folder rights so to exactly extract the complete information add a new Enrichment to final step to  add a 0 or 1 link to rights to get all the rights all operators after step 5. add additional information from rights link to get folder ID and named rights. 

This should give you a whole picture. Named rights and operator groups are stored in one AC technical schema.

Refer to the attached image.