How to display data from one Survey (webApp) on another one?



Hi Team,

I'd like to display all submitted data from webApp1 on webApp2.

In the webApp1 have the following fields: Email Address (stored in recipient table), Question (stored in library). The type of webApp1 is Survey.

In the webApp2 I'm using the Query Block (which as the source has recipient table) to display all Email Addresses and Primary key @id of people who are targeted by webApp1. 

This part is working fine. When I'm editing a quuery have possibility to choose recipients fields. I'm getting a list of Unique sends and can populate it on the page.

The problem that I have is I cannot display the question that people submitted. This one which is stored in library.

The question is how to display data from the Library (webApp1) on second webpage (webApp2).

Please let me know if you need any additional details or screenshots.

Best Regards,


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Hi Boguslaw,

What you are trying to achieve might not be possible here.

The survey responses are stored in temp:webAppLogRcpData which has a 1:1 mapping with each survey.

In other words, every new survey will get its own copy of this temporary schema.

This doesn't allow you to access answers of one survey directly into the other.

What you can try is to make use of survey responses activity in a workflow and then export them to a custom schema of yours. You can then make use of data from this schema into your new web app.

Hope this helps.



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Hi Vipul,

Thanks for your reply. As a workaround I'm adding these responses to the list and then showing them on the separate webApp.

Best Regards,