How to differentiate the campaigns



I want to filter the campaigns based on these values like triggered,scheduled.Is it possible to filter using predefined filter or anything?

Help on this....

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Generally the campaign tactic is encoded in the workflow logic rather than being an attribute on the campaign. There might be a way to query the campaign to find out if there was a Signal or Scheduler activity in the workflow, but keep in mind that campaigns can have multiple workflows and you wouldn't really know how the activity was being used. It is possible to extend the schema for campaigns to add an attribute as to the campaign type, but you would be relying on the user to set the attribute correctly, or you could define a separate campaign template for each of these campaign tactics and then set the attribute in the template. That would also give you an opportunity to preconfigure the workflow with the signal (for triggering) or Scheduler activity as the first step in the workflow.


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