How to check count of records in Adobe campaign Standard




Currently we are sending exported data file from ACS to SFTP in a flat file where if the records are zero it was creating file with empty data which creating an issue.

In V6 we can use vars.recCount which provides the count to do it where its not working in ACS.

Can some one provide some work around on how to check the records count in Adobe campaign Standard of previous activity so that we can stop creating file itself in ACS.


Sivaramakumar P

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Sivaramakumar,

There is no explicit setting to prevent an Export activity from exporting an empty file.

We have raised a request with Engineering for this and as soon as I hear back from them I'll revert back here.

At the moment, the only workaround I can think of is, you should use an Incremental query activity. With this activity, if you run it with the scheduler and on the next day there is no new record it will not pass the execution to export activity.

If your plan is to export the same data every day then this might not be the right approach but I believe using Incremental query should help you as you will always have a query to fetch records based on a condition. Be aware if the data pulled by this query activity was also reported on any of the previous executions, it will exclude the data implicitly.

Hope this helps.


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Answers (3)



Hi David,

We use  version Adobe Campaign v18.4 build 10462. I was not able to see any option under Transfer activity if file is zero kb.

Your attached image from last comment is not able to open. Can you tell me bit more on it where i need to configure to exclude if file size is 0.

Here for us Extraction activity creating file even though there is no records in that transfer activity sending that file to destination folder.

Advance thank for your help.


Sivaramakumar P