How to Capture SMPP DLR into ACM?




    I am facing issue in catching status details of SMS going out.

    the delivery log doesn't display the status of sms

    It doesn't update from 'Sent to SMS provider'  to  'Sent', 'failed' ,etc.

    SMPP connector is being used to send SMS. 

    Can anyone tell me how to configure this so that proper status of SMS will be updated in to delivery logs.




Ketan Pardeshi

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Ketan,

To receive the status update for SMS deliveries you need to make sure the SMS process is running . This can be confirmed from the Monitoring tab of the home screen in Adobe Campaign.

If you see the SMS process is running , you need to check for errors in the logs to find the reason why the Status receipts are not being received as SMS process is used to retrieve logs from the service provider and load them into Delivery logs.

Also , you may check the SR(status receipt) file in the server which will be present in the nl6/var/<instance>/mobile/<IP><login><port>/ in .DAT format. If the file stored here does not contain valid mobile numbers , it means Status receipts are not being received by campaign.