[HOW TO] Adobe Campaign Standard - Being notified when a Workflow ends



Hi all,

in our solutions an Adobe Campaign Standard Workflow is called, via REST API,  by an external ETL process to load data.
As you know the API call is asyncronous, so how can the external ETL process be notified that the WF has terminated successfully?
An option can be that of have a file generated at the end of the process: the ETL listens to a folder and when the file is generated can go on with the process.

Anyway is not the most elegant solution...is there a better method to monitor from API the execution status of a WF?

Many thanks,


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Hi Fabio,

I know for sure that you can trigger a notification if the workflow fails from the workflow properties (see Adobe Campaign Help | Adobe Campaign notifications ), but I'm not sure there is a built-in way to do the same for successful executions.

Still, I'll double check with the team if there are plans for this, and in any case, you can log an enhancement request by loging a support ticket.