How to add delivery date to a report




I need to add a "date delivered" to my typical OOB engagement metrics report. I don't want to apply a "date range" I just want to add a field to the excel spreadsheet that has "delivered date" to a regular delivery summary (opens, clicks, unsubs, etc) without having to go through a workflow scenario. Is this possible? and if not, how to do this easily with a workflow. Has anyone had to do this?

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Unfortunately in dynamic reporting al you can do is to define a date range.

Though this won't fit your requirements as e.g. a click might be reported on another day than the delivery.


Brst guess for such aggregated numbers would indeed be a workflow:

 * Query activity to load the deliveries

 * Extract file to generate a csv file

* Transfer file to upload the file to SFTP/S3



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I wish Campaign had delivery date too. In lieu of that, we name all of our campaigns and deliveries by putting year/month/date at the front of the name so you can export out of Campaign into another tools and use the name field to sort by date. But I hear you.