How to add Add the offer to transactional message template?



I am trying to add an offer into my transactional message. I have created an offer space which defines the targeting dimension using email. Even, after passing the externalId attribute in the SOAP request. I am unable to see the offer. Offer is not rendering on my delivery template.

How to include offer in my template? Do I need to add some javascript or div?

I tried adding the javascript with env name and div in template using <div id="i_SPC25"></div> where SPC25 is the internal name of offer space.

Please help.

This documentation won't give much detail: Interaction

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Thanks for your answer. But, Isn't the unitary mode enables adding offer in transactional messages?

I am referring this piece available in the document: Interaction

How to reach out to Adobe consultants? Do they have any support group email?



Hi Utkarsh,

Offers are used to generate propositions against a specific dimension, by default Recipient.

Hence, there is no standard/direct way of embedding offers in a Transactional email.

Implementation experts (Campaign Developers) may have a way out by customizing Message Center execution instance, if at all that is feasible.

I would suggest to reach out to your Contact at adobe (CSM/AM or Consulting Team) to seek assistance if that can be taken up as a project.

Hope that helps.