How to add Add the offer to transactional message template?



The message center document says it's possible. But, enough information is not available.

Document says:

The @externalId attribute must contain the value of this identifier. Interaction is configured by default to identify the recipient of the primary key:

<rtEvent type="order_confirmation" email="" externalId="1242"></rtEvent> 

What is this primary key?

We are trying to implement it on one of our client's campaign environment? 

- How can I select an offer based on email?

- Does the email template need to include some javascript?

Any help is appreciated.

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Accepted Solutions (1)




The procedure on how to integrate offers to emails is described in the Interaction guide.

You have several ways to do it but the most common one is described here:

You can use this method in emails and email templates, including transactional message templates.

Hope this helps,


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Answers (1)



Thank you for replying. Just a follow up question. For offers to work on transactional emails, I should "Modify the options of the targeting dimension" for Real Time Events delivery mapping ?

I want to map the offers based on email. Is there anything else I need to configure?