How Seed address can be used



The options are

  1. 1.  Reply Address
  2. 2.  Internal Audience
  3. 3.  Proof Target
  4. 4.  Content Reviewers

My answer was Proof Target and Internal Audience-- I failed Campaign BP exam twice and I felt most of my answers were right as I have spent considerable hands-on experience. Not sure where I missed out few answers. 

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi Prithwi,

The seed addresses can be used in two ways :

2. Internal Audience (By Adding Seed Addresses In Delivery-> To -> Seed Addresses)

3. Proof Target ( By Sending Proof Of The Delivery)

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Answers (1)



Hello! I have used the seed address for proof sending and encountered an error.Proof Target error - Seed address.png

However, we have tested it this to other campaigns and noticed that it worked. The error shown on the photo is in Prod environment.