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Your documentation states:


You can add controls to allow users to subscribe to or unsubscribe from one or more information services (newsletters, warnings, real-time notifications, etc.). To subscribe, the user checks the corresponding service.

To create a subscription checkbox, click Advanced controls>Subscription.


Indicate the label for the checkbox and select the information service concerned using the Service drop-down box."


But we want to include an opt-in to a Service in our forms without using the Subscription Type (i.e., checkbox--"I want to subscribe to your newsletter":


...and the above documentation states that we can link this checkbox (Subscription Type) to a Service using the form builder) but we want to create a simple button (like a "Submit" button, NOT a checkbox)

Image result for submit button form

 that functions the same as a checkbox--meaning we want the user, by clicking on our form "Submit" button to opt into the Service, much like checking the checkbox opts into the Service.

But since the form builder only allows a Subscription Type (i.e., a checkbox) to be linked to a Service, we want to know if there is a way of building our "Submit" button using HTML and linking it to a Service.

So the question really is two: 1) How can we link a Service to our "Submit" button we've created using HTML


Is there another way to create a subscription to a service WITHOUT using the Subscription Type (checkbox in the form builder)?



Hi Jae,

Which HTML tag do you want to link to a service?

Does what is described in this page meet your requirements? If you specifically need the HTML, you can have a look at the code generated by this operation.

Let me know.