Guidelines/Steps for customizing out of the box forms




Could you please suggest if any guidelines/steps for customizing out of the box views in Adobe Campaign?

For example, if I need to include additional attributes in Delivery form, what would be the steps to be followed? Is there any other alternate approach which is recommended than below? -

1. Extend the nms Delivery schema with an extension schema

2. Include additional attributes in Delivery form (Is it possible to create a new form and provide options to operator to either use Out of the Box form or the customized form)? I believer we could use Web Forms, but is it easy to easily inherit features from Out of the Box form into Web form and then provide additional features. And if we use web form, can we use it within context of Adobe Campaign console, say in case of including addition parameters for "Email Delivery" activity.



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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Sivaram,

By default, a form is associated with the data schema with the same name and namespace. To associate a form with a different name, set the entity-schema attribute of the <form element to the name of the schema key.

Now, you will have to define Navigation Hierarchy to associate this form with a particular menu item in the Explorer tree.

If you want to have user click on a menu item and then a popup comes asking which form they want to use, this is something which is not possible.

Hope this helps.



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