Getting Enrichment Data from Workflow Steps



One feature that I miss from some of the other services is the ability to get reports on things such as new subscribers within certain periods of time.  I can generate reports or workflows to tell me this info, but my goal would be automate it into an email.   

My question is, whether there is a way to somehow grab the result of a workflow step (the number that appears above the arrow after the step executes), and then include it in a delivery as enrichment data?  

It'd be interesting to be able to use this as a way to give quick stats on List Growth or the number of people currently receiving a drip campaign, etc.    

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Andrew,

Please use vars.recCount of your workflow activity (more precisely task at execution time) just after every activity, but take care it is override by each activity.
So if you need to put different metrics in your delivery synthesis, you must save the vars.recCount in different instance variables after each activity. For instance, if you do a split with 4 branches and want to get the values in your delivery report, you save the vars.recCount in 4 variables or an array of 4 elements.


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