Getting counts of records coming from an enrichment activity in ACS



I want to get the total counts of records (preferably in a variable) coming out from an enrichment activity (let's call it enrichment A) which I then want to use in my subsequent activities downstream ( let's call it enrichment B) .


In my enrichment B activity I actually use a case / iif with this variable. The problem is count all etc is not supported in enrichment so I am thinking the only way would be to get the total count of records coming into enrichment B through a variable. 


Do let me know if any ideas/ suggestions on this. 


Adobe Campaign Standard count enrichment

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




In ACS unfortunately you can't define a variable for this.

Though the default variable recCount should be available for this.

Or you might use following approach:

  • Use the below function to count the row number 
  • Afterwards you can do a Deduplication step.
    If you choose to deduplicate by keeping the record with the highest row number, you would have 1 row in the result containing the row count.
RowNum(PartitionBy(<Value 1>), OrderBy(<Value 2>))​

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