Getting a specific Mirror page URL and getMirrorURL method




I'm trying to create a recipient delivery report in Adobe Campaign showing all the deliveries a recipient received over time.

In addition I want to add by each of the deliveries the link to the mirror page of this recipient.

for example:


The 'XXX...' part is the different part for each recipient/delivery

I'm trying to get the url programmatically using javascript.

I've looked in the documentation and also in this forum, and saw a similar issue (

but still couldn't figure out how to do it.

According to the answer there I can use the 'GetMirrorURL' method but I'm not sure what parameters I should give to this function.

Looking in the jaspi help I saw it gets 'eventHistoId' from schema nms:eventHisto.

This table is empty on my system, and I'm not sure how it is related.

Also tried running this method with different parameters like broadlogID but I get an error saying 'Error while compiling script - GetMirrorUrl is not defined.'

Can someone please help me understand how to handle this method or is there a different way of getting the URL

Adobe Campaign Version 6.1.1 build 8754

Server version 6.1.1 build 8754



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Hi sure

I've used in a JavaScript activity inside a workflow for example:

var url =,"20916262")

logInfo('var url: ' + url)

332656168 - is the delivery id

20916262 - is the broadlogId (not the messageID)

If you need to use it with variables like I did, then:

instance.vars.deliveryId = 332656168

instance.vars.broadlogId = 20916262

instance.vars.broadlogId = instance.vars.broadlogId.toString()

var url =,instance.vars.broadlogId)

logInfo('var url: ' + url)

Hope it helps!