Generating Adobe Marketing Cloud Visitor Id from Adobe Campaign



We have Adobe Experience Manager(AEM), Adobe Campaign(AC), Adobe Analytics(AA) and Adobe Audience Manager(AAM).

AA is integrated with the website on AEM and generates the Adobe Marketing Cloud Visitor Id.

AA in turn sends the data to AAM.

We are now planning to integrate AC to the remaining products and the first step as per Adobe documentation is to generate the Adobe Marketing Cloud Visitor Id from AC.

Could you please help me understand how that can be achieved?

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Adobe Marketing Cloud Visitor ID will be integrated (if configured for analytics), if you integrate both Analytics and Campaign with the People Core Service (i.e. Profiles & audiences). 
look for AC integration with Core Service:
 Adobe Campaign v6.1:
Adobe Marketing Cloud Visitor ID:

As per the docs:

Configuring Adobe Campaign

There are several necessary configuration steps in Adobe Campaign:

  1. Install the Adobe Marketing Cloud Shared Audiences Integration and Integration with the Adobe Marketing Cloud packages. Installing an integration package is the same as installing a standard package, which is detailed in the Package import section.

  2. Enable connection via IMS (Adobe ID connection service). Consult the section about IMS. The functionalities linked to this integration are only available for users connected with their Adobe ID via IMS.

    This step also allows you to activate the Marketing Cloud Visitor ID Service, which replaces the permanent cookie used by Adobe Campaign, which allows you to identify a visitor and therefore a recipient.

    A visitor ID is linked to a recipient as soon as the recipient clicks in an email (link, etc.) sent via Adobe Campaign:

    • If the recipient already has a visitor ID, the recipient's browser data allows Adobe Campaign to recover and automatically link the recipient with the visitor ID.

    • If no visitor ID is found, a new ID is created. This visitor ID is stored in the recipient tracking logs.

    The ID will then be recognized by the other Adobe Marketing Cloud applications with the same CNAME.

It will work, I don't have the Marketing cloud id enabled so i can't share the screen but if you follow the steps mentioned above you will be able to do this.



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Answers (3)



Amit_Kumar wrote...

Hi Souradeep,

Refer to the following Link:

Hope this helps,



Thanks for the update Amit. But as I mentioned, this configuration is already in place and we have the Marketing Visitor Cloud Id being generated through Adobe Analytics. The query is around how to associate this with Adobe Campaign.