form schema values not visible in input form, but in the table.



Hi all,

I have created an extension table of the nms:delivery with a different namespace.

I have added there several attributes there with type=string, boolean, date

Here is the snippet:

     <attribute label="Start Date" name="Start_Date" type="date"/>

    <attribute label="End Date" name="End_Date" type="date"/>

    <attribute label="Subject Line" name="Subject_Line" type="string"/>

    <attribute label="Body Boolean" name="Body_Boolean" type="boolean"/>

    <attribute label="PDF_Link" name="PDF_Link" type="string"/>

    <attribute label="Inbox Category" name="Inbox_Category" type="string"/>

    <attribute label="Topic of Message" name="Topic_Of_Message" type="string"/>

    <attribute label="Offer ID" name="Offer_ID" type="string"/>

    <attribute label="Postfachnachricht" name="Postfachnachricht" type="boolean"/>

I have added some additional input fields there:

<container colspan="2" type="visibleGroup" visibleIf="[/ignored/@triggerMessage]!=1">

        <container colcount="2" colspan="2" type="visibleGroup" visibleIf="EV(@deliveryMode, 'external')">

<input label="Betreff" name="Betreff" type="string" xpath="@Subject_Line"/>

<input label="PDF Link" name="PDF_Link" type="string" xpath="@PDF_Link"/>

<input label="Start Datum" name="Start_Date" type="date" xpath="@Start_Date"/>

<input label="End Datum" name="End_Date" type="date" xpath="@End_Date"/>

<input label="Postfach Menu" name="PostfachMenu" type="string" xpath="@Inbox_Category"/>

<input label="Angebot Kategorie" name="AngebotKategorie" type="string"


<input checkedValue="true" name="IstPostfachnachricht" type="checkbox"




When I try to open a delivery and add all values to the input fields, save the delivery and reopen it again, only the Subject field contains the entered value.

But if I use the Query Editor inside Adobe Campaign, I can see, that all other values are available in the data table, for instance PDF Link attribute conatnins the value = "tttTest".

I have chaned the oder of the attribute fields, but nothing has helped ?

Any idea ?


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I would try commenting out the container tags and see if the other fields display. What is the type of the outermost form/container? Can you attach the full XML?