Filtering in the query editor failed



Hi all,

I have created an extension table for the nms:recipient table and joined there another view of the datamart.

Here is the code snippet:

<!-- Tristan Roppel 04.04.2017 -->

    <element integrity="true" desc="PNRORT" externalJoin="true" label="PNRORT" name="PNRORT"

revLink="recipient" target="dkb:CRM_AL_ADRESSE_POST" type="link">

      <join xpath-dst="@PERS_NR" xpath-src="@PersNr"/>


<!-- Test für den Join -->

This join works fine when you are are searching for instance for the first name, last name and city, which is linked in the joined view.

But when I try do set a filtering statement for instance "city = 'Berlin'" then I got a error message like this.Filtering2.PNGFiltering1.PNG

It seems, that the missing external table can not be inserted in the from clause of the SQL statement.

Is this a bug ?

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