Filter test profiles from delivery reports?




we have a delivery with a test profile attached to it.

Now this test profile is also in the delivery report, clearly identifiable by the domain.

This reduces trust in the validity of the statistics,, so we want to filter them out.

Any ideas on how to do this?

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Thank you for taking the time to answer in such great detail!

You described excactly my problem: the test profile is a trap and that is good, so I recieve proofs of every delivery.

That it is unfortunately also in the reports I found by filtering by domain, just as you described.

So, if e.g. the delivery goes to 2 profiles and one is the trap test profile, the opening rate is shown as 50% when the test delivery was opened but not the real recipient. This messes up the statistics from a customers perspective if the delivery is on a small scale and at least reduces trust in the accuracy of the numbers in the report, as test profiles shouldn't be in the reports.

So, is there any way to filter some profiles from the reports afterwards?

I didn't find any way to enter exclusion or filtering rules like "NOT domain =".

Any help highly appreciated here.

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Answers (1)




I don't think you will see test profile in the same delivery unless you check this box(Trap) in test profile config-


Once you have this included along with main target, it is expected to see in the delivery reports.

If you would like to filter that down, you can use by "recipient domain" (should use search box, wont see it in UI by default).


Should see the report as below-