Extracting Info from 2 Data Tables in Campaign Standard




Hi all,

I'm hoping there's an easy solution to my following use case, but currently I'm drawing a blank on how to achieve it:

Goal: We want to be able to export a complete list of subscribers to a specific service, but along with profile data, we also want to be able to extract data from a separate data table (related professional).

We currently have the data stored in 3 different data tables:

  • Profiles: This table holds all of the profile and subscription data on the contact
  • Professionals: This table holds records of all the individual professionals that contacts can be linked to (Fields include Pro ID, Pro Email, Pro First Name, Pro Last Name)
  • Related Professional: This table holds the link between the two, so the customer email field, and the professional ID make the link

I can easily create a query looking at all subscribers who also have a related professional, but we need the full list of subscribers to a particular service, regardless of whether a related professional link exists or not.

I suspect I need to somehow use the Enrichment activity but after hours of playing around with it I'm unable to achieve what I need.

Any help or suggestions greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,


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