Extract and Load Files in ACS using the Adobe Provisioned SFTP



Hi there,


I'm very familiar with importing/exporting data to and from Campaign using external SFTPs.

I do this by created an external account for the SFTP and then building workflows like:


Query --> Extract file --> File Transfer (that uses the external account).


However I'm new to using the Adobe SFTP!

I've read that you don't actually need an file transfer activity? Is this correct?


If so, to export a file to the Adobe SFTP - I assume the workflow would look something like:

Query --> Extract file

Then what settings are needed in the Extract file activity?

I've tried putting in /sftp/<username>/incoming/test_file_1.csv in the "output file" setting of the Extract file activity but got the following error



I've logged into the SFTP via winscp software and can see there is a path /sftp/<username>/incoming/ - so could someone explain how workflows should be configured to interact with the Campaign SFTP?




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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi David,

For ACS you still need to use the Transfer File activity to store a file on the SFTP server belonging to campaign.

The workflow may run on a different server/container than the SFTP server, so a local file extraction won't be sufficient.

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